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  • Another ax attack prompts warnings for police October 31, 2014
    An officer with Washington's Metropolitan Police Department came under an unprovoked attack Friday from a man wielding an ax, police said, the second such attack in two weeks that is prompting warnings and new protocols to officers on the job.
  • Lawyer seeks sanity test for Hannah Graham suspect October 31, 2014
    An attorney for a man charged in the abduction of University of Virginia student Hannah Graham and assault of a different woman indicated Friday that he wants his client to undergo a sanity evaluation.
  • Polish authorities interview Roman Polanski, decline to arrest him October 31, 2014
    Famed film director Roman Polanski, wanted in the United States for having sex with a minor in the 1970s, was questioned this week by Polish authorities but allowed to leave after the interview.
  • Suspect charged in Hannah Graham case to appear in court October 31, 2014
    The man charged with abducting University of Virginia student Hannah Graham -- whose body was later found on an abandoned farm -- is scheduled to face a judge Friday in a separate case in Fairfax, Virginia.
  • Documents: Cups, Methadone bottles found in probe of family's deaths October 31, 2014
    Newly released court documents indicate authorities found cups by the dead bodies of two parents and three children found in Utah, as well as empty bottles of Methadone and cold and flu medication in and around their house.

Having Financial Issues? Have You Considered Bankruptcy?

Bankruptcy comes with so many ups and downs, so many emotions and so many complications. To help sort it all out for you, the following article contains numerous helpful tips. With all that you have to worry about with a pending filing for personal bankruptcy, the process itself and how to work your way through it should not be one of them.

One you realize you are in financial trouble and have decided to file for personal bankruptcy you should move quickly. Waiting to the last minute to file bankruptcy can cause a number of issues. You may face negative repercussions such as wage or bank account garnishment or foreclosure on your home. You can also not leave time enough for a thorough review of your financial situation, which will limit your available options.


Having A Hard Time Fixing Your Credit? Try Out These Tips!

The most annoying thing you may experience in life is having bad credit, because it leads to hardships. A bad credit score will make it hard for you to get a loan or apply for housing, among other things. That said, it is possible to restore your credit to its former glory and prevent it from being wrecked again.

Be sure that you pay all of your bills promptly if you are trying to fix a bad credit history. Don’t leave them until the last minute. Set up a schedule for when you pay your bills, and use some sort of reminder system to make sure that they all get paid on time.

Research the fine points of disputing items on your credit report. It can be done, but the process is not easy. Make sure to track and follow up regularly with all reported disputes. If you stop checking on them, they will stop working on them as well. It’s your credit, so make sure it’s correct!


Finding The Right Criminal Attorney

How To Find An Experienced Criminal Attorney

The steps in finding an experienced criminal attorney are very important because if you or a loved one has been accused of a criminal act, you do not want to retain just any attorney. Begin by browsing the Internet in your local area, and type into the browser, “Criminal Defense Attorney Denver” or where ever you live for the last word in that search term.

You will undoubtedly get a return of many attorneys and law firms. Eliminate the law practices that list all kinds of different areas of law that they practice in addition to criminal law, because you want your attorney to be an expert in one thing only, and that is criminal law. You do not want a jack-of-all-trades, you need a specialist. It would be like a situation where if you needed to have a heart transplant; you would not go to a foot doctor for that procedure.

The one quality that you are looking for is experience in defending people like you. Even though your situation may be unique to you, it is possible that an experienced lawyer in criminal law has defended hundreds of cases just like yours. You need to find all of this information out by asking questions.


Class Action Lawsuits

class action defense

Increased Chances to Fight Injustice

The class action lawsuits are the best illustration of the saying “the power stays in the number”. A single person can file the court action in the name of a group, whose members suffered the same prejudice, even if the material loss is not of the same size. 

General Information on the Class Action Lawsuits

According to the stipulations of the Federal Rules dealing with Civil Procedure (chapter 23), four requirements must be fulfilled in order to declare a court action of this type as valid. 

  • A common cause – Every member of the group of plaintiffs, also known as class, must have suffered the same kind of prejudice, caused by the same defendant. Also, the actions that harmed the interests of the plaintiffs must fall under the incidence of the same law.
  • Representativeness or typicality – It refers mainly to the person who files the action and it stipulates that he or she must suffer each of the prejudices claimed by the whole group or class.


Calgary Criminal Defense Lawyer

attorney at law

Selecting a Calgary Criminal Attorney who can Truly Help You

Calgary criminal lawyers are not always easy to find. While there may be a lot of good attorneys in every area of practice, finding some of the best can be like looking for a needle in a haystack, and you can only find an attorney that can be depended on through a detailed selection process.

Finding Your Attorney Online

Despite the large number of criminal defense lawyers who advertise their services on the internet, finding a reputable one in Calgary is not easy.

Some attorneys have extensive profiles on various sites, as well as detailed information regarding their approach, practice areas and experience on their personal or official websites. Also, the testimonials written by their past clients can provide you with additional insight into their background and on how they deal with various critical situations.

In many cases, however, there’s not much to go on, and not all skilled lawyers know how to market their services online. Nevertheless, you may find that one of the lesser known lawyers could be perfect for dealing with your case.


Securities Law Protecting Fair Trade

For the companies and individuals involved in trading stocks, securities law is the shield that guarantees the protection of their profits, as long as the transactions are made according the guidelines and recommendations stipulated in it.

This way, there are great chances of avoiding considerable financial losses and stock exchange market collapses similar to those of 1929 and 2008.

History of the Securities Law

Prior to the great New York Stock Exchange Crash in 1929, the transactions involving stocks fell under the general rules of the market, and there were little to none federal or state laws to regulate them. However, due to the devastating effects of the mentioned event, a special federal commission was formed in the US Congress.

The hearings and investigations led by it unveiled great irregularities and abuses provoked by the interests of certain institutions and companies. As a result, the Securities Act received a favorable vote in the Congress in 1933, followed by the Securities Exchange Act in 1934. The second mentioned law is mainly known for regulating the transactions taking place on the so-called “secondary” or public market.


Why Hire a DUI or Impaired Driving Lawyer

You should consider hiring a DUI attorney as necessary rather than optional if you have been apprehended while driving and your breath analyzer test results returned positive.

A DUI can increase your chances of contesting the charges against you.

If you plead guilty and are convicted, you may suffer from the following consequences:

  • A DUI conviction can cost you higher monthly dues for auto insurance
  • A DUI conviction will also be typically frowned upon by prospective or even current employers, which can hurt your chance for employment or promotion respectively
  • A DUI conviction may also cause you more difficulties in obtaining a loan
  • A DUI conviction may prevent you from obtaining entry or visa to another country
  • A DUI conviction can also be considered as a reflection of your personal character


Real Estate Law

What Home Buyers and Sellers Should Know

The term real estate is always associated with the transactions of properties, especially residential homes, office buildings and lands. In the legal area, the term is used in correlation to the legal stipulations regulating these transactions.


The real estate law is the part of the civil law that regulates an individual or a company’s right to own, to use and to make use of a property and anything that is affixed to it permanently. The fixtures can cover fences, buildings and other goods, such as such as heating, lighting and plumbing installations.

This law also defines the air space above a property and the right to the mineral deposits in the soil underneath it, not only structures, but also plant life.

Types of Real Estate Properties


Understanding Immigration Laws

The Basics of the Immigration Law

When an individual travels from his living country to another country, in order to seek employment or to study, or when that individual applies for a passport, all these actions are related and fall under the immigration law, which is associated with the law of nationality and governed by international law.

The immigration law controls the immigration phenomenon managed by the national policies of each state and regards foreign citizens. It falls under the federal government’s policy and it establishes if an individual is an alien, as well as which his obligations, duties and rights while in the respective foreign country are.

It also supervises all the methods under which a foreigner may enter a country, gain residence and get citizenship rights, mentioning all the controlling measures that can be taken throughout the visitors’ stay, as well as who may enter the country. Many countries have adopted the naturalization process in order to help immigrants to become legal citizens.


Finding The Right Personal Injury Lawyer

Have you been injured in an accident that was in no way your fault such as a dog bite? Are you left paying for this not only physically, but emotionally as well? Are you wondering who should pay for this? If so, you should seriously seek the advice of a personal injury lawyer.

If the claims adjuster seems to be trying to get you to make a quick settlement, and you are uncomfortable with that, it may be time to hire a personal injury attorney. Getting something over with quickly usually isn’t the best route to take. In fact, doing so usually means that you won’t get a fair settlement.

Watch for red flags when talking to prospective personal injury lawyers. It’s usually not good idea to go with a lawyer that represents insurance companies. You need one that has experience representing injured persons. You should not choose a lawyer that asks for money or a retainer upfront or one that rejects a contingency fee. Avoid those lawyers that won’t honor your wishes or sign the retainer agreement.

Be Careful When Choosing An Attorney